There are millions of different supplements between all the companies and labels. This can seem incredibly daunting for someone who is interested in improving their health, but doesn’t want to be scammed or end up taking something that is unsafe. When it comes to most supplement companies, anyone who is interested is fair game and often considered “meat” that needs hunting.

It is a scary prospect to walk into a GNC outlet and try to find a supplement. Not only does a giant, lumbering bodybuilder walk towards you, but they are trying to sell you something that you’ve never heard of!

In this article, we are going to share a few ways that various supplement companies try to scam consumers. Hopefully this will help you from making some of the mistakes that other people make when it comes to supplements and your general wellbeing.

Supplement Fairy Dusting and Proprietary Blends

One of the biggest problems within the supplement industry is the two-fold approach to keep consumers in the dark and make a lot of money.

#1. Fairy Dusting – this is a method that people use in order to save money with their supplement company, but screw the consumer out of what they have paid for. This is when a company will sprinkle a few ingredients in small doses so the consumer thinks that they are getting the benefits of the product when in reality it is only 10% or less of the actual dose!

Here is an example of this that you might understand. Imagine going to a bar and ordering a giant margarita. Within this margarita should be enough tequila so you feel drink. Let’s pretend they add a splash of tequila and the rest is water! Nothing is going to happen even if they say it has tequila in it.

#2. Proprietary Blends – they say keeping a proprietary blend is the only way to make sure that their product is protected, but this is not the case. It’s just an attempt to (again) keep the consumer from knowing what they are buying.

Making sure you avoid these two main ways supplement companies screw you is going to have a big impact on both your health and your wallet. Saving up enough money by avoiding these false products could help you afford your holiday to Dubai or anywhere else in the world that you want to visit. Just consider, the average consumer spends thousands of dollars on supplements every year. That’s a lot of money that could go to travel!